Meeting the Standards of Normal Science in Health Outcomes and Market ccess
Meeting the Standards of Normal Science in Health Outcomes and Market ccess
Meeting the Standards of Normal Science in Health Outcomes and Market Access for Pharmaceutical Products and Devices
Meeting the Standards of Normal Science in Health Outcomes and Market Access for Pharmaceutical Products and Devices

Burden of Illness

Burden of illness studies can be a major influence on policy makers and reimbursement agencies. They can point to he quantitative impact of the presence of specific disease states and their associated comorbidities.  Burden of illness has a number of dimensions: overall health status, quality of life, employment status, absenteeism and presenteeism and utilization of healthcare resources.


Maimon Research LLC has undertaken a large number of burden of illness studies. These have evaluated the impact of high prevalence disease states such as arthritis on quality of life and employment status, as well as the joint impact of high prevalence comorbidities within these disease states.


A particular focus of Maimon Research  LLC over the last few years has been on the burden of illness associated with chronic pain. A number of both descriptive and multivariate studies have been published to evaluate the impact of pain, considered as a disease state in its own right, in the European Union (the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy) [see publications]. A major objective of these studies has been to alert policymakers to the prevalence and quantitative impact of chronic pain, the importance of recognizing comorbidities such as depression, anxiety and insomnia in the management of pain and the extent to which pain is poorly managed.


A major limitation on burden of illness studies is the absence of national data to allow both prevalence estimates, descriptive profiles and individual patient data to support robust quantitative assessments. Maimon Research LLC has overcome this limitation with access, in all major markets, to physician and patient panel data. These data allow clients, at low cost, to design customized burden of illness studies incorporating validated instruments to identify patients by disease state and corresponding probabilistic estimates of disease severity. At present Maimon research LC has access to panel data to support burden of illness studies in more than 40 major pharmaceutical markets.

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