Meeting the Standards of Normal Science in Health Outcomes and Market ccess
Meeting the Standards of Normal Science in Health Outcomes and Market ccess
Meeting the Standards of Normal Science in Health Outcomes and Market Access for Pharmaceutical Products and Devices
Meeting the Standards of Normal Science in Health Outcomes and Market Access for Pharmaceutical Products and Devices

ICER Transparency

Building imaginary worlds requires the model builder to exercise his/her imagination. After all, the objective is to look 10, 20 or 30 years ahead and, following reference standard guidelines, create a model that will appeal to less critical decision makers. The fact that it is for ‘approximate information’ (or disinformation) is paramount; it must appear ‘realistic’. It also requires some measure of ‘buy in’ from stakeholders who are prepared to put to one side considerations of scientific merit in favor of a model that is, at least, somewhat believable. To achieve this, there must be some degree of transparency and access to the model in its ‘construction’.


Over the past three years, Dr Paul C Langley, Director, Maimon Research has published a number of commentaries on the standards and options open in constructing imaginary worlds, with particular reference to the ICER value assessment framework and ICER’s ‘interactions’ with stakeholders.


The commentaries are:


Langley PC. Great expectations: Cost-utility models as decision criteria. Inov Pharm . 2016;7(2): No.14.


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Langley PC. Validating Imaginary Worlds? The AdViSHE Assessment Tool. Inov Pharm. 2017;8(1): No.3



Langley PC. Resolving Lingering Problems or Continued Support for Pseudoscience? The ICER Value Assessment Update. Inov Pharm. 2017;8(4): No 7



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Langley PC. Alternative Facts and the ICER Proposed Policy on Access to Imaginary Pharmacoeconomic Worlds. Inov Pharm. 2018;9(2): No. 10



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Langley PC. ICER, ISPOR and QALYs: A Tale of Imaginary Worlds, Inov Pharm. 2019:10(4): No. 10

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