Meeting the Standards of Normal Science in Health Outcomes and Market ccess
Meeting the Standards of Normal Science in Health Outcomes and Market ccess
Meeting the Standards of Normal Science in Health Outcomes and Market Access for Pharmaceutical Products and Devices
Meeting the Standards of Normal Science in Health Outcomes and Market Access for Pharmaceutical Products and Devices

Medical Marijuana

In late 2018 and early 2019 three commentaries were published by Dr Paul C Langley on the evidence base required to evaluate outcome claims for medical marijuana. This was considered a priority area for health technology assessment as the evidence base for any positive benefits (or harms) for marijuana was limited. At best, there is some low-quality evidence for seizures in pediatric populations after other interventions have failed. The proposal was for an evidence platform that marijuana retail outlets could introduce to track patients response to therapy. The details of an evidence base was developed, with particular reference to chronic pain, nausea, PTSD and seizures, to track the impact of marijuana formulations against a set of validated patient reported outcomes standards. To date, while the commentaries attracted considerable attention, there were no uptakes. This is probably not surprising given the view by investors (and the tax revenue to governments) that marijuana, whether access is under the guise of medical marijuana or the full-blown recreational marijuana open season, that the returns are significant. A picture that is more concerning given the dubious sources of many investor funds, incentives to legislators and the apparent lack of interest in going beyond maximizing sales. If details of the proposed platform data entry protocols and questionnaires are of interest, please contact Maimon Research ( A complete package is available. After all, probably the last thing we want to know is, other than recreational highs, whether there is any substance for clinical claims


The commentaries are:


Langley PC. Outcomes, Registries and Medical Marijuana: Towards Establishing Dispensary Monitoring and Reporting Standards. Inov Pharm. 2018;9(4): No. 7


Langley PC. Establishing Practice Risk Management and Outcomes Claims for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries: Questions Legislators Should Ask. Inov Pharm. 2019;10(1):No.1


Langley PC. Establishing Credibility for Medical Marijuana: The Proposed Prometheus Dispensary Registry for Botanical Cannabis. Inov Pharm. 2019;10(1):No. 2



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